Our Obsession is Brewing


Chalkboard drawing of part of the brewing process.

Under the watchful eye and sometimes warped mind of our Brewmaster, Joe Karls, all Hinterland Beer is brewed exclusively in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Every beer is created by Joe, Bill, and the whole Hinterland Brewery crew. They each contain backstories of brew trials, recipe tweaks and many tales of late night tastings.  Each batch is carefully crafted for quality and consistency, so that each bottle and keg delivers maximum flavor, color, aroma and an exceptional craft beer experience. From somewhat traditional beers and popular pilsners to downright decadently weird renditions of speciality brews, we can take your tasting tour to a dark place pretty fast.  That’s the beauty of Hinterland- we can push your comfort zone with a gentle nudge or club it over the head with a totally new, mind-blowing experience.  We invite you to explore often, but of course responsibly.