History Is Brewed Here

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What’s a Hinterland?

What’s a Hinterland? Well, to Wiki and the educated world “Hinterland” means: the land beyond the known port city, the unexplored rural country or a person’s vast knowledge that is unlimited by parochialism and short sightedness.

To us it means: Stop wasting your life drinking the same corporately-diluted beer and challenge your palate to a brew that has a rich heritage, a bold passion and a story that will make you way more exciting to others. The same philosophy lives in our kitchen where we push ourselves to experiment with interesting combinations of perfectly paired flavors– each one designed to inspire our guests.

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Our Journey

My wife Michelle and I started Hinterland in an old cheese factory just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin (my home town) with nothing more than our own limited funds, sweat, passion and insanity. It was 1995, and we were 24 year old college grads grinding out corporate jobs and dreaming of doing something that people actually appreciated. While trying to discover the meaning of life, I poured most of my effort into music and tried to land a record deal while playing with the band Lucky in San Francisco. Our coast to coast travels in my VW Bus, twists and turns landed me a gig as editor for Beer, The Magazine where I just got hooked into the beer-making world. It was this explorative journey to find our own Hinterland that gave the brewery its name and its mission.

In 1995, after I nearly burned down the brewery (not kidding), we decided to expand and renovate a turn-of-the-century Green Bay meat-packing warehouse into a production house—and a restaurant featuring farm-to-table culinary experiences.

Now twenty years later, Michelle and I still lead the spirit of Hinterland through a passionate and talented staff. Along the way, we’ve launched three restaurants because we believe in great ingredients and great tasting experiences. At the end of the day, we really enjoy hanging out with friends talking about killer beers and exceptional food.

We are more than excited to invite guests to experience our latest restaurant, located across the street from Lambeau Field in Green Bay’s Titletown District. This new location takes the pioneering, Hinterland philosophy to a whole new level. Come visit us and I’m sure you’ll agree.


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Bill Tressler
Owner, Brewer, Food-Fanatic, Drummer and Extreme Sport Enthusiast


Public Brewery Tours are not currently being offered. If you are interested in booking a private tour please email us at info@hinterlandbeer.com

Tours include a souvenir glass and a beer. Tours reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests should arrive 15 mins prior to their tour and can check in at our host stand!