Grand Cru 22

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We dug deep for our 22nd anniversary beer, combining our 2015 Bourbon Barrel Aged Grand Cru with a young Lactobacillus kettle sour, then added a wonderful kick of Wisconsin Montmorency cherries.

Brewmaster Notes:

Golden-red color. Medium body. Crystal clear. Begins with intense bourbon-oak aroma, delivering a crisp tartness, finishing with a touch of sweet. 

Style Kettle Sour Barrel Aged Cherry Belgian Ale
AvailabilityLimited Release
Food Pairings Smoky BBQ, Pecan Pie
Malt 2 Row, Bisquit, Vienna, Munich, Dark Crystal Malts
Hops Centennial, Falconers Flight
Alc.10.1% IBU.25 OG22.5/11.6