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There’s something about the wilderness that inspires us to make great beer. Most of us at the brewery are into the outdoors in a big way. When we’re not making beer, we’re usually trying to get lost in the woods, along a river or camped out among some forgotten stand of old growth timbers. We’re fascinated by things unknown to us. Some people may prefer a more urban locale and we’re not here to judge.  We’ve created Timberland with the spirit of the wild in mind for anyone looking for a little adventure. Timberland is a pristine, red hoppy ale brewed with dark Patagonia malt and Centennial hops.


Deep amber color. Caramel sweetness and backbone hold up to the higher ABV and hop content.

StyleRed IPA
Food PairingsNuts, Goat Cheese, Wild Game, Bangers and Mash
Malt2 Row, Patagonia
Alc.7.0 IBU.21 OG16.5